Do you know 3d printed teeth? New methods for training endodontics

INTRODUCTION Nowadays, there is a latent need among consumers to find esthetic perfection, and what is more visual than the smile? That is why dentists are looking for new techniques every day to act on the dental pieces to try to maintain the patient’s natural dentition and not to remove them. In order to carry […]

3D printing and software development revolutionize endodontic treatment

phantoma photo complete

Introduction Soon the new legislation will not allow the use of real teeth for dental training. State-of-the-art engineering enables the manufacture of trustworthy replicas using 3D PrintingThe latest innovations in this field have been presented at the 40th Annual Congress of the Spanish Association of Endodontics. Madrid, October 4. Innovation and commitment to the development […]

Three-dimensional endodontic planning with Endoplanning

The Endoplanning TM software tool will allow the endodontist to plan his interventions quickly and automatically, i.e. without requiring prior training in the use of the software, due to its intuitive interface and its ability to generate real three-dimensional models in an automated way. In this line Digital Anatomics has decided to develop this tool […]